Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It is very interesting how a day can unfold. I was talking to my mother today about how you better be willing to stand up for what you believe in if you truly believe. And how people have been persecuted for years on those beliefs. Then i get on the computer and read Sonja's blog and have come to the conclusion that I should break my silence that I have chosen to keep. So no conflicts Will arise. I was very saddened to hear on Sonja's blog that people are terrified that Obama was elected. It made me question. Why? Was it do to his beliefs or who he is? I have seen the election of Obama as a great thing the doors that have finally opened for families like mine giving my kids hope that the can really do whatever they want in the world with no limitations. I am also so very disappointed in the fact that people in the world have to cast so many judgements against others. The civil rights issues that are going on in this world right now are very disturbing to me. Why cant people that are good people go about their life loving whom ever they want whether it a different race or the same sex. How dose giving this right to others hurt anyone else. Ive heard that people are afraid of what they are going to teach our chrildern in school or how it will affect or family's . Is it affecting it now or has it ever effected you. Their are plenty of same sex couples that are and have raised children successfully. You can not judge people that love the same sex it dose not make them bad people. What about the divorce dose anyone think of parents that pass there kids back and forth every week with no stability do you take the rights from them. What about all the parents that have let others raise their children for their own selfish reasons. So i don't think that having same sex marriages will destroy the family in any way. It has already been done! Religion is a choice. I feel that god is an a loving god. He dose not discriminate towards anyone. We are all his children. I also believe that if you are going to be a religious person they should not cast judgments towards other lifestyles that is not what god teaches or what he wants in the world. Yes there are many disagreements out there but maybe if we all tried to understand each of us are different and accept those differences we would not have as many problems. The differences are what make life unique. If we were all the same. Life would be pretty boring. Right!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile things are crazy as ever around here. So I thought I would give everyone a quick update on everyone. Gage: Wow how time flys he is well into his eight grade year. He is definitely a teenager. He still struggles with school and friends (friends first school second) but is still the greatest kid i know the talents he has are amazing. He has grown 4 inches since the begging of summer and is still super thin. He has decided to be Obama for Halloween and pulls it off pretty well. Kai: What a sweet heart he is the most loving brother and son. He is doing great is school with an A,B average (hopefully it will continue when he hits middle school next year). He has gotten into the whole texting thing and is on his phone all the time. I cant believe he is going to be 11 in a couple of weeks. He is not my little Kai anymore. He has chosen to be McCain for Halloween he can go with his brother and hopefully get some laughs. Naya: What a funny little girl she never stops talking. She is so full of life we haven't quite figured out where she came from she is much more out going than anyone in our family. She is loving kindergarten and had made several friends that she spends hours on the phone playing club penguin online (yes it has already started at the age of 6). She is going as the devil for Halloween. Lucas: What a great man. He keeps this family going when im to tired to do so. He is still working a lot and fills in for me when I'm at school. He now does all the homework with the kids keeps the house clean and keeps up on laundry. I couldn't ask for anything better. Nikki: Im still in school and have recently moved up to become a senior on the downward spiral now 8 more months to go. I volunteer in Nayas class everyday 2 full days a week and for the last 20 min on the other days to help a few students that are struggling a little. I am still trying to juggle life to get through the next 8 months with very little sleep or time for myself but it is temporary and i will make it through. I am so grateful for my wonderful kids and husband that help me through it all.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

i am: a wife and mother
i think: I'm tired
i know: ill make it
i have: an amazing life
i wish: i was done with school
i dislike: mean people
i miss: my husband when hes at work
i fear: losing one of my children
i feel: overwhelmed
i hear: my dogs barking
i smell: cooking oil the kids put on the floor and slid in last night
i search: for answers on how to make all this work
i wonder: if I'm doing things right
i regret: nothing
i love: my kids and husband more than anything in the world
i care: for my mom dad sisters and brothers
i always: worry
im not able: to sleep
i remember: alot
i believe: in angels (naya says)
i dance: every time i clean the house
i sing: whenever i hear a song i like
i don't always: smile
i argue: ALL THE TIME
i write: when I'm on the phone
i win: when i argue
i lose: never (kidding)
i never: forget to kiss Lucas and the kids when i leave
i listen: very well
i don't understand: why i cant keep friends
i can usually can be found: at home
i am scared: that something bad will happen
i need: Nothing I've got everything i need
i forget: Everything
im happy about: Naya just gave me a big good morning hug

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It is so interesting how the world works. I have unfortunately seen the bad side of the Las Vegas police department lately and it really scares me what i see. Monday night as I was leaving school a good friend of mine was rear ended as she was driving home i got the phone call from another girl i go to school with that has witnessed the whole thing. I immediately rush to the scene to see if she was ok. As we sat and waited for the police to arrive we had witnessed 3 of the passengers load a back pack and take off running leaving just the owner of the car there. Which was not the original driver. As soon as the cops arrived this 19 year old boy went crazy started yelling cussing and just acting insane. One officer had enough and handcuffed the kid as they searched the car. Now this other car had been speeding at about 80 miles an hour in a 45 and swerved into my friends lane and hit her. His car was totaled engine was in the drivers seat it was pretty bad. By this time this kids parents showed up I have never seen a child be so disrespectful to there mother as he called her several obscene names. One officer came over and told us that they smelt pot in the car and another officer was coming to check the eyes of this kid to see if they could arrest him. As they were waiting they came over and wrote my friend a ticket for causing the accident. And they let the kid go that had just gotten his license back after a previous DUI. WHAT !!! Now you have a car full of kids smoking pot speeding down the road loading there crap in a backpack running from the scene and she is at fault how dose this happen!! Now on to the other accident that had happened about 3 weeks ago Lucas was on his way home when a car in front of him got in the left lane and Lucas went to the right the car that went to the left decided to turn right all of the sudden hit Lucas and Lucas got the ticket. Back in June as many of you know Pepe had a graduation party and the cops came by they were talking to me very calmly they asked to see my husband. As soon as he came to the door things changed the officers started yelling and screaming barged into the house and going crazy. Now the only three things that were in common were that my good friend is Cuban my husband Filipino. The two other people involved in the accidents were white and so am I. I have always heard about racial profiling but never belived it. But due to these three incidents and several others (i could keep going ) I'm sad to say it happens. Now the reasons that this scares me are Gage, Kai ,and Naya. They will always be judged by the color of there skin how do you explain that to your children? How do you explain how that works? If things don't change will they only get worse and what will there future look like ? Will they be harassed everywhere they go? It is quite eyeopening to what is really going on in this world. I'm not saying that all officers are this way. There are some good cops out there they are just getting harder to find.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorry about the previous post. Had a problem uploading the video its all taken care of now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SO parents always wonder what there kids are doing while they are not home. You always hope that they are behaving treating each other nicely and doing all of the things that you have taught them to do. But somewhere in the back of your mind you always know there is something else going on and this is what I have discovered so parents WATCH OUT this could be happening in your home right now!!!!! LOL

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer at The Castro's

Well it has been a pretty boring summer so far (according to the kids). Gage has gone on 2 camping trips so far and school has only been out for a month. Kai and Naya haven't really done much since Pepe's graduationn so I guess it hasn't been much fun for them. I'm still in school and Lucas is still working. Not much to report I guess but that is how our Summer is going.